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Aerobiology is the study of airborne particles that have an impact on humans and other organisms.Every day, we are exposed to airborne particles, including "natural " particles such as pollen ,bacteria, and fungi, and "unnatural "particles, such as asbestos fibers and noxious chemicals, Aerobiology highlights the current interests in this field, primarily the ecology and distribution of airborne particales And their effects on health.

published on 19-02-2020 - 30 views
The Twitter Craze

Why indeed? Isn’t it just another social networking site? I think it is a little more than that. It IS a way of networking with other people, that much is true, but you could also call it a phenomenon. Sharing knowledge, advice, updates and much more in just 140 characters is a challenge that thousands of new people are taking up every single day. Twitter has hit the headlines more and more in recent times and revealing just a few of the stories that have been published should give you an idea of just how important this site can be to you.

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A_corpus-based_study_of_modal_verbs_in_academic writing of English native speakers.PDF

This study is a corpus-based analysis of modal verbs in the English academic writing of Saudi Arabian advanced learners whose mother tongue is Arabic. The aim of this study is to develop a better understanding of the uses of modal verbs in academic writing by non-native speakers of English as compared with native speakers. The writing analyzed is a corpus created from Master of Arts (MA) dissertations. The study compares the use of modal verbs by these writers with that of the writing of native speakers of British English using the British Academic Written English (BAWE) corpus. The results show that the category of modal verbs is generally underused by Saudi writers when compared with native speaker writers. An exception occurs with the modal should which was the only modal verb found to be considerably overused by Saudi writers. The modal verbs would, could and may are significantly underused. The absence of an organized modal verbs system in the Arabic language may influence Arabic speakers' use of modal verbs. The overall analysis has demonstrated that Saudi writers use a restricted repertoire of modal verbs. The analysis also points to some pedagogical implications that needs to be taken into consideration by English for Academic Purposes (EAP) material writers, particularly for Saudi learners. Cite as: Akeel, E.S. (2020). A corpus-based study of modal verbs in academic writing of English native speakers and Saudis. University of Reading, Department of English Language and Applied Linguistics..

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Some Unholy Thoughts About Religion

In this book I discuss some aspects of religion from a non-religious point of view. I do not aim to persuade you to give up your religion. If it satisfies you, that's your business and none of mine. I believe that everyone is entitled to make their own decision about religion without being forced or coerced either for or against by other people. That is, it must be their own free decision to adopt or reject religion. Much of what is said about religion is lies, or is based on belief which is questionable, or is a rejection of the truth. I don't believe that any of those is a good basis for accepting religion. A lie is never a good reason for doing anything. A decision, to be or not to be religious, which will affect one's whole life, should be based on the truth not on lies or mis-information.

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XML programming in Java Tutorial

Our first tutorial, "Introduction to XML," discussed the basics of XML and demonstrated its potential to revolutionize the Web. This tutorial shows you how to use an XML parser and other tools to create, process, and manipulate XML documents. Best of all, every tool discussed here is freely available at IBM's and other places on the Web.

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PVM: Parallel Virtual Machine: A Users' Guide and Tutorial for Network Parallel Computing

Written by the team that developed the software, this tutorial is the definitive resource for scientists, engineers, and other computer users who want to use PVM to increase the flexibility and power of their high-performance computing resources. PVM introduces distributed computing, discusses where and how to get the PVM software, provides an overview of PVM and a tutorial on setting up and running existing programs, and introduces basic programming techniques including putting PVM in existing code. There are program examples and details on how PVM works on UNIX and multiprocessor systems, along with advanced topics (portability, debugging, improving performance) and troubleshooting.PVM (Parallel Virtual Machine) is a software package that enables the computer user to define a networked heterogeneous collection of serial, parallel, and vector computers to function as one large computer. It can be used as stand-alone software or as a foundation for other heterogeneous network software. PVM may be configured to contain various machine architectures, including sequential processors, vector processors, and multicomputers, and it can be ported to new computer architectures that may emerge.

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Cracking Tutorial Compilation

Introduction ------------ This document is for covering the basics of software cracking. Why crack software? ------------------- I personaly want to crack software because i enjoy the challenge also it feels quite nice making a serial number for something or removing a nag screen. Most cracking tutorials say stuff like, this is only for educational purposes and to an extent i would say this is right but software is extremly expensive and cracked software is distributed so easily accross the internet that its far to easy to just search for a crack on google or use a p2p network. What needs cracking? -------------------- - Limited functionality (cant save/print because the menu item is greyed out) - Nag screen (asking to be registered every time its loaded for example) - Serial number (finding a serial number or creating a keygen) - Dongles (Autocad for example needs a dongle, an electronic key that will be plugged into the back of the pc) Above i have listed the most common things to fix, there are others date/time locks etc.

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Linux Shell Scripting Tutorial

This tutorial is designed for beginners only and explains the basics of shell programming by showing some examples of shell programs. Many other tutorial and books on Linux shell scripting are either too basic, or skips important intermediate steps. But this tutorial, maintained the balance between these two. It covers the many real life modern example of shell scripting which are almost missed by many other tutorials/documents/books. I have used a hands-on approach in this tutorial. The idea is very clear "do it yourself or learn by doing"" i.e. trying things yourself is the best way to learn, so examples are presented as complete working shell scripts, which can be typed in and executed. This is updated and in new easy to read format tutorial.

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Realization Of A Fortnight

This is the story of my personal transformation in reverse. Simply stated I had a vision. I believe like Moses, Abraham and others I was graced with the vision of and communication from God. In believing the truth he told me his name. In that name of truth I do not believe I visited an Angel. This is a difficult story for me to tell. I am both fearful and driven. I know it is God's will to bring this writing to you. I started meditating with a need to solve the conundrums of life, the situation of my current living and a need to find the release of general negativity I did not want to feel. The bottom fell out on my life so I built a better one. Troubles followed me it seemed and internally; I needed a way out of the strife. One day while awake and meditating I was blinded by the light. It is really just that simple. I am not the first person to have an epiphany. I am not the first person to claim to have seen the light. I will surely not be the last.

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Spiritual Warfare

The reason for the harsh realities in every corner of the earth is because Satan (once upon a time a good angel, but now full of evil) is the Prince of this earth. Satan has one goal which is to capture many souls to be destroyed with him in the lake of fire. Satan is an aggressive enemy of mankind who is overseeing the killing of many innocent people including children around the world. Sometimes, Lucifer is causing deadly sickness and disease, famine and economic depression among others. Whatever tribulations that human beings are faced with today cannot be compared to the torment or joy to come, but this book encourages the reader to choose joy and not torment. This book encourages you to choose and walk on the path of light. This book also enlightens the reader on spiritual warfare, how humans are trapped in the warfare and how to effectively overcome in spiritual warfare using the right spiritual weapons. This book concludes that, although, there are battles but the war is whether a person earn eternal life with God (which is victory) or ends in destruction with Satan (which is considered a lost war).

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كتاب فاطمئن

مؤلف الكتاب: عمر آل عوضة لغة الكتاب: العربية ناشر الكتاب: دريم بوك عدد المجلدات: 1 مجلد مؤلف الكتاب: عمر آل عوضه لغة الكتاب: العربية ناشر الكتاب: دريم بوك عدد المجلدات: 1 مجلد

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Noble Use Of Money

In the book "Noble Use of Money", Gnani Purush (embodiment of Self knowledge) Dada Bhagwan explains that best charity means to offer happiness to others, for "when you give happiness to others, you get happiness in return". Dadashri provides answers to questions such as: "Why is it helpful to donate to charity?" "What are the reasons to make an anonymous donation?" "Of the many charities to donate to, what are the best charities to donate to?" "Is giving to charity part of leading a spiritual life?" "Is giving to charity part of leading a spiritual life?"

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Things to Remember: Reflections on Our True Identity

Through the ages, there have always been those who, when they looked at another, understood they were looking at themselves. Seers and mystics of all religious traditions have seen through the veil of form and recognised the essential oneness of all things. But what would be the implications if we held an awareness of the Divine in everyone all of the time? What if we tried genuinely to live this belief day by day, minute by minute, in the encounters we have with our family, with our friends, at work, and in society at large? This book is an invitation and a challenge to explore these questions. It draws on the author's own experiences as a Quaker and as a student of A Course in Miracles.

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Seven Daily trading Mistakes.PDF

Between my private coaching and my Day Trading Freedom course, Ihave taught traders from all over the world. Whilst many o my students have never traded before, there are many more who come to me having some experience.But for one reason or another they are not making profitable in their trading. So what are their most common mistakes...!!!!

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Make $200 in 24 Hours .PDF

this is not another one of those “get rich quick”eBooks that promises you to become a millionaire overnight, no is it a guide to building a six-figure business. What this eBook WILL teach you is how to make some extra bucks on the side the easy and lazy way, which you can use to buy a new gadget, pay off some debt, or eat out at a nice restaurant.

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OpenQuest - Chapter 2.2 : Fights

Basic fighting rules for combats. Optional advanced rules will be published later in another version of the rules.

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ألعاب ذكاء للكبار والصغار

كما ان الجسم يتقوى بالرياضة فالعقل يتقوى بالتمرين والعاب الذكاء وحل المعضلات ..ستجد هنا باقة من العاب الذكاء لمختلف الاعمار

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the old man and the sea

وصف كتاب the old man and the sea: He was an old man who fished alone in a skiff in the Gulf Stream and he had gone eighty-four days now without taking a fish. In the first forty days a boy had been with him. But after forty days without a fish the boy’s parents had told him that the old man was now definitely and finally salao, which is the worst form of unlucky, and the boy had gone at their orders in another boat which caught three good fish the first week. It made the boy sad to see the old man come in each day with his skiff empty and he always went down to help him carry either the coiled lines or the gaff and harpoon and the sail that was furled around the mast. The sail was patched with flour sacks and, furled, it looked like the flag of permanent defeat.

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the republic

وصف كتاب the republic: Again, Plato may be regarded as the ’captain’ (’arhchegoz’) or leader of a goodly band of followers; for in the Republic is to be found the original of Cicero’s De Republica, of St. Augustine’s City of God, of the Utopia of Sir Thomas More, and of the numerous other imaginary States which are framed upon the same model. The extent to which Aristotle or the Aristotelian school were indebted to him in the Politics has been little recognised, and the recognition is the more necessary because it is not made by Aristotle himself. The two philosophers had more in common than they were conscious of; and probably some elements of Plato remain still undetected in Aristotle. In English philosophy too, many affinities may be traced, not only in the works of the Cambridge Platonists.

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One of the great mysteries of human language is the existence of movement operations. Why does movement occur? At every stage in the development of generative grammar, an attempt has been made to answer this question. It would not be an overstatement to say that the answer at any given point characterizes in an essential way the general nature of the theory at that particular point. In other words, every step in the evolution of generative grammar has been, in no small measure, an attempt to construct an answer to this question that is better than the one before. In Government-Binding Theory (GB), movement operations—in fact, all operations—are entirely optional, so Moveacan move anything anywhere, anytime. Independent universal principles such as the Empty Category Principle and Subjacency extract from this overgenerated set of strings the subset that constitutes the grammatical strings of a particular language. In this way, the independent principles not only allow the theory to reach descriptive adequacy—in the ideal, of course—they also allow it to reach explanatory adequacy in that they ‘‘give a general theory of linguistic structure of which each [grammar of a particular language] is an exemplification’’ (Chomsky 1955/1975:77).

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The Prominence of Tense, Aspect and Mood.pdf

The present study may be considered as using a functional-typological approach, as it attempts to establish generalizations regarding a particular grammatical feature (verbal category) on the basis of a functional perspective. It is also basically a “differentiating” approach, in the sense that it tries to find out ways in which languages differ from one another in their use of a given grammatical feature. Typological studies have been generally based upon the universalistic approach. That is, they have been attempting to find generalizations that are applicable to all languages.

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France, la Faillite - Les Scénarios de Crise de la Dette.pdf

La dette, mot de l’année ? Tout à fait et il existemême un « Festival du mot » 1 qui lui a décerné ce titre ! Le jury de la 6 e édition, qui se tient à La Charité-sur-Loire (Nièvre) du 26 au 30 mai 2010, a distingué ce terme devant « crise » – qui sera peut-être choisi l’année prochaine –, car la dette commence vraiment à inquiéter tout le monde, l’homme de la rue comme les marchés financiers, les médias et les hommes politiques. Le Premier ministre François Fillon n’a-t-il pas déclaré : « Je suis à la tête d’un État qui est en situation de faillite sur le plan financier, je suis à la tête d’un État qui est depuis quinze ans en déficit chronique, je suis à la tête d’un État qui n’a jamais voté un budget en équilibre depuis vingt-cinq ans. Ça ne peut pas durer. » C’était le 21 septembre 2007, soit exactement un an avant la crise financière déclenchée par la faillite de Lehman Brothers, le 15 septembre 2008. Depuis, le déficit budgétaire a triplé et la dette connaît un rythme de progression jamais atteint.

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The Extra Day

ed with her new position, her brother fussed and fidgeted with impatience born of repressed excitement. "Run out and knock at the door," he proposed to Judy. "He'll never get away from Mother unless we let him KNOW we're waiting."

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Resurrection: A Zombie Novel

Annie Starling is missing her memory of the last eight weeks--the most devastating in history. It started in Russia and went global in a matter of days, the most virulent virus the world has ever known. It's stripping its victims of every last thing that makes them human. And that's just the beginning. The other survivors are no less dangerous than the infected.

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Lawful Enlightenment - The Path To A Rewarding Relationship

This is a Relationship and Self Development book, intended to help people better themselves and their relationships, with their Partner/Spouse and the people around them. It also helps them with their self esteem and to work on their weaknesses they face in everyday life, to overcome problems they may need help with. This short book was written to create positive intentions within; it is here to help you in life. It will give you the down to earth advice you need in order to help you achieve a great relationship, which could also contribute to improving other important aspects of your life. Feel positive while reading it and spread the great message to all those around you. Life is in your hands and your mind is in the universe. Stay true to yourself and always look forward. The message is in your hands!

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Muscle Memory

Tired of sitting back and watching others get all of the rewards in life? Start a program of self-improvement today. Muscle Memory is one of the easiest to understand and execute. You can read Muscle Memory and toss it aside. That same attitude has been your problem in the past. If you had just tried. If you had gone through the pain of starting a new regimen, you wouldn’t be going through the pain of not fulfilling your dreams now. Life appears to have one very simple formula: Pain now. Or pain later. You have the choice. If you are willing to suffer through the sacrifices of a new regimen now, things will become easier later. If you put off the need to discipline yourself because you want to watch TV or be with your friends or you think you need a few extra hours sleep, invariably you have not escaped the suffering, you have just put it off. The years slip by and you still have not done any of the things that could make you happy and fulfilled. Get off your backside. Get out of the house. Change your attitude. Live as though this is the last hour you can possibly begin the first step on your journey to a new life. Take that first step. The first step is to reprogram your mind and thereby your attitude. You can use meditation or self-hypnosis. But instead, why don't you take a real challenge and improve your body while you improve your mind.

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Bad Breath to Sweet Breath

Though the reasons for bad breath odour are not completely understood, most unpleasant odours are known to occur due to food debris trapped in the mouth. It is really amazing to find as many as 400 different types of bacteria in an average mouth! Trouble can occur when several dozen of these are allowed to flourish in large proportions or are genetically mutated to reproduce in a large number. Many species of these bacteria are usually found on the back of the tongue, where they find protection and security from normal mouth activity. The rough edges of our tongue usually harbor millions of these harmful bacteria, which create toxins by digesting debris, dead cells, and other residues. These toxins are harmful in creating a bad odour in the breath. The anaerobic respiration of these bacteria will accrue residual compounds containing sulfides and ammonia. These bad compounds often mix with the breath to form an aerosol of nausea and bad odour. Other causes of chronic bad breath may be periodontitis (gum disease), diabetes, kidney failure, sinusitis, tonsilloliths, gastroesophageal reflux disorder (GERD), and a wide variety of prescription drugs. This book will give you all the information you need to discover if you have bad breath and provide you with the remedies to get RID of it.

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Sometimes life really sucks. Or so it seems. Yet Unikonics asserts that life is automatically enjoyed. It explains what is really going on when life seems to stink like a garbage pit. It will point you to the true source of the odor. Unikonics teaches that life is change, and the more unique the change, the more life you experience. This “uniqueness” is where the term “Unikonics” is derived. Unikonics teaches that change produces pleasure, and therefore the most unique changes produce the most pleasure. They help you get the most life out of life. So if your house catches on fire, that’s quite a unique change for you. How in the heck can that produce pleasure? No, you’ll likely feel pain, anguish, worry, and all kinds of other horrible emotions if you’re watching your house burn down. Or if you get fired from your job. Or you lose lots of money. Or you experience any other kind of unusual hardship. Change can produce pleasure, but it can also lead to pain. It all depends on what your mind does with change.

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