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Anda's Game

The mission took them far from Fahrenheit Island, to a cottage on the far side of the largest continent on the gameworld, which was called Dandelionwine. The travel was tedious, and twice they were ambushed on the trail, something that had hardly happened to Anda since she joined the Fahrenheits: attacking a Fahrenheit was bad for your health, because even if you won the battle, they'd bring a war to you. But now they were far from the Fahrenheits' power-base, and two different packs of brigands waylaid them on the road. Lucy spotted the first group before they got into sword-range and killed four of the six with her bow before they closed for hand-to-hand ...

published on 17-01-2020 - 144 views
My Country Is Called Earth

A man worried about the world he would be leaving to his children falls asleep in 1992 and wakes up in 2076. Fearing the worst, he asks the people he meets how the major problems of 1992 were resolved. Two weeks later, he returns to his time with the answers. This book, first published in 1994 but still relevant today, is not an apocalyptic nightmare, but a look at a possible healthy future earth.

published on 17-01-2020 - 121 views
The Education of a Messiah

When androids come to earth and make impossible demands, Paul Heart, messiah #18,432, becomes restless. On an impulse, he travels to China and meets Ato, a Taoist master, who teaches him wisdom he has learned over several lifetimes. Ato has been sent by higher powers to prepare Paul to lead the world to a new age. Despite the tense situation on earth, Ato has a lot of fun carrying out his mission.

published on 17-01-2020 - 103 views
Thicker Than Blood

Hero By Choice. The flip of a switch gives Joe, an ordinary mechanic, superhuman abilities. He discovers his new powers after his aunt saves his life with restricted nanites. When the corporation sanctioned by the military to control all nanotechnology discovers his secret, everyone he knows is thrust into a world of deception and treason. Can Joe give the people of the world life-saving superhuman powers, or will the attempt claim his life?

published on 17-01-2020 - 129 views
Deviations: Covenant

Book 1 in the Deviations series. Don't miss Appetite, Destiny and Bloodlines. TripStone hates to kill her gods but she must feed her people. An accomplished hunter in the Masari village of Crossroads, she is charged with the ritual slaying of the sacred Yata. Her comrade Ghost tries to end Masari dependence on Yata meat by performing experiments punishable by death. His jeopardy increases when he shelters a teenage runaway sickened by fasting. Their worldview shatters when they harbor a Yata woman raised to be livestock instead of a god. But Crossroads itself is imperiled. Hidden in the far woods, a secret Yata militia is preparing to alter the balance of power.

published on 17-01-2020 - 121 views
Deviations: Destiny

Book 3 in the Deviations series. Don't miss Covenant, Appetite and Bloodlines. Unrest simmers in the region. Repeated acts of sabotage threaten Promontory's Destiny supply, while Crossroads teeters on the brink of bankruptcy. Bent on destroying Destiny Farm, TripStone arrives in Promontory as an advance scout for Gria's forces. But the more she learns about that city and its history, the more she doubts her mission. And the more she learns about BrushBurn, the more her feelings for him tear her apart. Unaware of the mission, Ghost fears TripStone dead as he struggles to protect his new family. The very people hiding them are under pressure to unlock Destiny's secrets, giving Masari control of the drug...

published on 17-01-2020 - 151 views
After Life

I’m writing this now as I’m not sure what I’ll remember tomorrow. Hell, I’m not even sure I’m writing this now. Yesterday when I woke up... Well, let me back up a little. I don’t know who will ever read this, so I should explain. I—we, the people I work with, study the brain. Right now we are working on some-thing pretty neat, but also scary. We want to map a brain, functionally, down to the individual neuron. The trouble is, until now there’s been no way to do this without killing the brain’s owner.

published on 17-01-2020 - 150 views
Who's 4 a Treasure

What do you get if you put an incompetent inventor, a warrior woman, a librarian 4th class and a semi-visible pickpocket together. You could try, but you'll find it easier if you just read this book to find out. In truth this is not really the story of a treasure hunt, although there is one on these pages. Nor is it the tale of four incompetent friends blundering from one misadventure into another hopeless situation; although you may be forgiven for thinking so. Oh no, this is a tale about luck. With a lost treasure and a useless map our four adventurers are going to need all the luck they can find. Technically they only want good luck, but they find themselves taking allsorts of the stuff. Set in a world where anything can happen, does and then asks for a refund, you know you're in for a few surprises and a host of laughs.

published on 17-01-2020 - 107 views

The Confederation had dropped shift several hours ago, and was now moving at sublight speeds parallel to the Pomerium Line. The McLuhan rode off its starboard quarter, matching speed, and visible from where Imbrahim sat if he turned his head and looked out the briefing room viewports. Visible, but barely. There were no ports from which light could spill out into the deep night of space, nor navigation beacons blinking on and off to signal its presence. The hull was jet black, looking like some sort of articulated sea urchin with the huge bulb of a Pearson FTL and a cluster of a half-dozen sublight engines fastened to its stern. Sensor and scanning antennae bristled from it in all directions, rather threatening in appearance, but lethal only for the information they could gather for use against the enemy. Imbrahim shuddered, remembering.

published on 17-01-2020 - 123 views

Postsingular and its sequel, Hylozoic, represent Rucker's return to the cyberpunk style of his classic Ware tetralogy. Postsingular takes on the question of what will happen after the Singularity--what will happen after computers become as smart as humans and nanotechnology takes on the power of magic? A mad scientist decides it might be a good idea to create a giant virtual reality simulation that is running a copy of Earth and of most of the people in it. Fine, but in order to create this simulation, the mad scientist plans to grind our planet into a zillion supercomputing nanomachines called nants. Ultrageek Ond Lutter and his autistic son Chu find a way to block the nants--but then Ond can't resist infesting Earth with a congenial breed of quantum-computing nanomachines called orphids ...

published on 17-01-2020 - 140 views
Admirals's Ghost

From Los Angeles drug dealer to hero of an alien world, the Universe must have a sense of humor. Tyler Jensen, an earthling lost in the cosmos, struggles to understand the technologically advanced world whose hero he has inadvertently become. Posing as the Supreme Commander of the planet's fleet, Tyler must quickly learn the murky alliances of the military to succeed against their neighboring enemy. Will Tyler's naivet? doom the warring world or can he navigate the political trappings of the Admiral's world to conquer another?

published on 17-01-2020 - 112 views

When civilization needs someone to run generating stations three kilometres below the surface of the Pacific, it seeks out a special sort of person for its Rifters program. It recruits those whose histories have pre-adapted them to dangerous environments, people so used to broken bodies and chronic stress that life on the edge of an undersea volcano would actually be a step up. Nobody worries too much about job satisfaction; if you haven't spent a lifetime learning the futility of fighting back, you wouldn't be a rifter in the first place. It's a small price to keep the lights going, back on shore.But there are things among the cliffs and trenches of the Juan de Fuca Ridge that no one expected to find ...

published on 17-01-2020 - 124 views

It's our deep future--New Year's Eve, 1347, to be precise. And, boy, talk about surprise parties yes .

published on 17-01-2020 - 116 views
Deviations: Appetite

Book 2 in the Deviations series. Don't miss Covenant, Destiny and Bloodlines. The Covenant has been destroyed and Crossroads' way of life along with it. The Masari face starvation in the depth of winter. Without Crossroads' tithes, the Basc Yata are equally helpless. In the midst of famine, Promontory and Destiny Farm prepare to conquer the valley. A secret and uneasy alliance remains the only option. Unwillingly thrust into power, HigherBrook must now trust Gria, the very person who had led the massacre of Crossroads' hunters. Another partnership proves even more disturbing. As Gria and TripStone plot to destroy Destiny Farm, what began as a fringe militia has expanded into a fullblown Yata army. Destiny Farm's meat keeps Crossroads alive, but every sale bankrupts Crossroads further and increases the risk of Basc's Yata becoming livestock.

published on 17-01-2020 - 103 views

The ship drove towards its hellish perihelion. On its cramped flight deck spun a simulacra of a binary system: two white dwarfs locked in an vicious gravitational embrace, a combined orbital period of two minutes, twenty-five seconds. An endless, futile pursuit. Their luminosity had been muted to make them bearable. Even so, the display cast double shadows throughout the cabin, a confusion of intersecting lines and hard shapes that slashed across walls and deck like whirling blades. Too late, he thought from the confines of his narrow cell. Too late to change anything. A bright green designator appeared at the periphery of the display. His ship. Then, before he could draw another breath, seven red indicators like flotsam in his wake. Drones.

published on 17-01-2020 - 141 views
Alien Cradle

Rath Scampion, outer rim scout, explores the barren landscapes of Fenrir just before a Regency Scientific Council plants the seed of a genetically created "alien". Captured trying to steal precious gems from the planet, Rath finds himself entangled in a massive deception. Geneticists created the Fenrites in cloning labs, infusing knowledge of basic agriculture through brain wave technology. As the alien colony takes hold on the once barren planet, researchers discover the Fenrites advancing at an alarming pace, passing quickly through complex stages of industrial and technological growth. As the experiment spirals out of control, Rath must flee Regency controlled space, ending up in the midst of marauders and outcasts. He is caught with no safe haven as the Fenrite disaster spurs on political and military chaos throughout the Regency colonized worlds.

published on 17-01-2020 - 126 views
A Vessel for Offering

Aboard the military-commercial starship Paraclete, plying the remote stars between Stratiskaya Daransk and the human rim worlds, a murder has been committed. It is not a crime of passion, nor a carefully plotted revenge killing, but the ritualistic and barbarous sacrifice of a young child. The Whiston family, decadently wealthy and notoriously reclusive corporate owners of the New Holyoke colony want to know why. With only a few scant weeks remaining in the voyage, the investigation must be rapid, thorough, and above all else, discreet. Ray Marlowe, deep cover security agent for the Criminal Investigations Unit, considers himself anything but discreet.

published on 17-01-2020 - 97 views
Concept Sci-fi Issue 3

Issue #3 Sean Williams, Gareth L. Powell, Pavelle Wesser, Lee Gimenez, Terry Ray, G. O Clark, Andrew Males and Ashley Hibbert. Plus... An interview with sci-fi author Jaine Fenn.

published on 17-01-2020 - 102 views
Concept Sci-fi Issue 6

Volume Control. By Matthew Fazakerly When your world becomes silent, things seem so isolating at first. A world without sound encloses and quarantines our own chaotic kingdoms, makes them prisons. Day-to day life is missing the normal osmosis of misheard conversations once taken for granted; the sound of petty arguments between neighbours; the wailing precious child that really, no, really must have the latest new toy or the world will end. It really is profoundly strange and unsettling when the general music of our own personal universes colliding and intertwining together is suddenly absent. But it’s something you can live through. Live through and flourish. And as I found out, it’s definitely for the better.

published on 17-01-2020 - 95 views
Concept Sci-fi Issue 2

Issue #2 Lee Gimenez, Andrew Males, Susan Murray, Aurelio Rico Lopez III, Ben O' Neill, Michael Kechula and Walter Jon Williams. Plus... An interview with author Marianne De Pierres and an article on "Writing Realistic Dialogue" by Gary Reynolds.

published on 17-01-2020 - 94 views
Concept Sci-fi Issue 2

Issue #2 Lee Gimenez, Andrew Males, Susan Murray, Aurelio Rico Lopez III, Ben O' Neill, Michael Kechula and Walter Jon Williams. Plus... An interview with author Marianne De Pierres and an article on "Writing Realistic Dialogue" by Gary Reynolds.

published on 17-01-2020 - 95 views
Concept Sci-fi Issue 4

Issue #4 Short fiction from; Jaine Fenn, author of Principles of Angels, Sean Williams, author of the Astropolis series, and Rod Slatter, Lee Gimenez and more. Plus... An interview with Seeds of Earth author Michael Cobley and an excerpt from his book.

published on 17-01-2020 - 93 views
Concept Sci-fi Issue 1

Issue #1 James Hartley, Peter F. Hamilton, Andrew Males, Wayne Summers, Richmond A. Clements & Samantha Frankenstein. Plus... An interview with Michael Carroll and Superhuman reviewed.

published on 17-01-2020 - 99 views
Neptune Crossing

Survey pilot John Bandicut is ready for the worst when he sets out across the surface of Triton, his head spinning with silence fugue. But no way is he ready for the alien presence that is about to invade his mind, or for the winds of chaos set to blow through his life. It is humanity's first contact with an alien presence--and Bandicut can tell no one about the disembodied quarx that has taken up residence in his mind. The quarx, part of an eons-old interstellar civilization that uses advanced chaos theory to predict catastrophic events, seeks to prevent a cometary collision that threatens the Earth. But it must have help ...

published on 17-01-2020 - 100 views
The Hidden Realm

In an overcrowded world Gerrid Lytum believes he has found a new way of finding freedom, a place of endless expanse -- and fantasy -- that can be entered with a single command. Meanwhile a secret cabal, known as the Group of Nine, are manipulating world events, controlling governments, planning their final solution. But the Nine rely on their key players - those with the power of persuasion, the innovators, the technologists. Not all can be persuaded; not all can be fooled.

published on 17-01-2020 - 109 views
Elis Royd

Ellis Asteroid is Earth's long-abandoned naturalization station for extraterrestrial refugees - her bounteous hub walled off by arrogant human administrators, her ignorant non-human population left to rot in the wilds. Bursting with backstabbers, man-eating cockroaches, and bloodsucking maters, Elis Royd is a fascinating sci-fi adventure from a master storyteller. For thinking readers only.

published on 17-01-2020 - 111 views
Turing Evolved

When Ex-DEMON pilot Jon Carlson meets beautiful humanitarian Rachel, it's a match made in HEAVEN. Literally, because Rachel's an ANGEL. She's also an AI controlled android of immense power and capability. As Jon finds himself drawn into the world of these enigmatic creations of mankind, he unknowingly becomes involved in a program to create autonomous superweapons intended to fight the next war.

published on 17-01-2020 - 115 views
The Garden Wall

When Professor Hughes accidentally vaporised the University of Birmingham School of Materials Science, and couldn't be found afterwards, his students thought the only consequence would be the cancellation of his notoriously hard end-of-year exams. However, for Eradani, it was just the start of a fantastic (and seemingly preposterous) science fiction caper that she didn't really want to be a part of.

published on 17-01-2020 - 148 views